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Cockatoo Make and Do Studio

Why Cockatoo Make and Do - isn't it what we all do?

Make and Do, I needed an animal that rhymed with make and do

 for my logo so hubby drew my cockatoo. 


And yes I did have it tattooed to commemorate the opening of the shop. 


How it all started

Cockatoo Make and Do started out in 2016 offering make and do wedding favour bags, the journey evolved when I made a fairy lantern, and someone said that's lovely can I have 25 of those for a wedding please! And as they say the rest is history.

I began to find pre-loved glassware and give it a second life by adding decals and lights to create luminaires.

Over the following years I created many bespoke and unusual items with the glassware I found. 

At the beginning of 2020 whilst still working full time, I began to explore resin, the main aim was to create a table for my husband, but 3 years on the table is unmade but my love and skill with resin has grown.

Expanding the range to offer flower preservation, pet memorials and other individualised items made to order.

After many years of renting shelf space and craft shows I was able to achieve my dream of my own shop, opening on the 25th August 2023.



Looking to the future, I purchased a laser engraver and cutter to be able to add to my range, this had enable me to offer personalised designs and expand my wedding range. 

In my beautiful shop at the Courtyard Craft Centre, I have both my workspace and selling space.

I am so lucky to have 20 amazing local crafters selling their wares with me. So many different and truly beautifully crafted items are available to buy, something for everyone. 

We look forward to seeing you visit us. 

Please check our facebook page for our opening times

Currently we are open

Tuesday till Saturday 10am till 3pm 

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